macOS Cursors In Figma

macOS Cursors In Figma

The macOS Cursors In Figma file is an amazing resource as it contains all the Mac OS cursors in one place. All these iconic mouse pointers, which are so recognizable, are available as variants in Figma. This means that you can quickly change any of them to a different one without losing their specific characteristics.

This way you can add aspects of some other cursors to your current design. Each of these cursors has been designed to work on Retina displays too, so that you can have the best possible UI elements for your website.

macOS Cursors In Figma for you to download and use in your next graphic design or web/mobile design project, created by Katherine Tachibana.

Unless otherwise specified, you can download and use it free for personal project. I hope you like it and don''t forget to spread the world.

If you mention it somewhere else, please always link to this page instead of download link.

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Downloads: 10

Author (Source): Katherine Tachibana

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License: Free for personal use.

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