Numerino Figures Typeface

Numerino Figures Typeface

Add striking numbers to your designs with Numerino – a free figures-only typeface from Bolditalic Type School. Created by 14 emerging designers, Numerino includes 16 styles of numbers ranging from pixel and stencil to broad nib serif.

This display numerals font allows you to get creative with numerical content through varied styles. Use pixel numerals for a retro tech vibe, stencil numbers for an industrial look, script figures for charm, and more. Mathematical symbols and currency signs will be added soon.

Numerino provides quality numerals to elevate charts, graphs, stats, prices, dates, and other numeric display typography. The styles were thoughtfully designed under the guidance of Bolditalic for cohesive functionality.

The Numerino Figures Typeface was generously created and offered for free by Anna Chistyakova - download it now to enhance your next project with a professional-grade asset at no cost.

Unless otherwise specified, you can download and use it free for personal project.

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